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things we do

We hope that this list grows and grows, but for now our outside activities is focused on two main groups: our floral arrangements and our special event planning.


Our floral arrangement designs are perfect for all occasions from the simple "I'm thinking of you" to a huge lovely setting for a big family Thanksgiving. And everything in between.


Our special event planning is also scalable from the simple to weddings. And again everything in between.


As we grow we hope to be able to offer home owners help in home design consulting and, as we now see in most of the Boston home sales listings, the all important real estate staging.


But first and foremost is  meeting our new customers and finding out what it is that we could help them with. That's where we hope to get all our best ideas from as a meeting of the minds between us and you.


We are looking forward to this process as we get to know you all better.