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Our homes are our refuge. They are our expression of who we are and the things we love. Home is where we raise our families and where we entertain our friends. It's where we celebrate smaller events like mother's day and often very big events like engagements and even weddings.


In short, our homes matter to us. But most of us never find the time to do all the things with our homes that we want to do. We often see beautiful things in magazines that we would love to have in our own homes but just can't find the time. We get caught up in our lives and keep telling ourselves that "we'll get around to it".


Well, now there's Jensen and Yurich / Home. It's a place you can come to get help with all those endless lists of things you always wanted to do in your home but never found the time for.  It's a place to come for styling ideas and place to help you create the perfect celebration from a big Thanksgiving to your daughters wedding. Or maybe it's just a place to come on a rainy day and meander through our store, looking at our amazing collection of things for your home from soaps to chairs.


Finally there's a place for you in Central New Hampshire where you can get the help you need to make your home into the place you've always wanted it to be. Or just come in and kibitz with Robert and Carmen about what would help make your family room a little bit more fun.


We hope to see you here soon!


Robert and Carmen.